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(Children under 10 years)

Small pizza with ham

Or Chicken Nuggets with French fries

Or plate of mussels with french fries


One scoop of ice cream or a sugar pancake


At the choice

Ray wing with fresh cream

Atlantic Pollock with butter and lemon

Sirloin steack with pepper or camembert sauce

Turkey with fresh cream and mushrooms

Lamb stew


At the choice

Mousse au chocolat

Crème caramel

Tarte tatin et sa boule de glace crème fraiche

Panna cotta caramel beurre salé

Crème brûlée au Grand Marnier

Coupe de Glace 2 boules avec chantilly

Sabayon aux pommes flambées Calvados


At the choice

Salted pancake ham egg cheese

Grilled chuck beef

Grilled ham with cider sauce



At the choice

Plate of cheese

Sweet pancake butter,sugar

White cheese with raspberry sauce

Ice Cream 2 scoops